overall management and and IT services for SME in luxury sector


Most of our services are customized to the needs of our clients, although for more common services for SME prices are indicated here below. We are specialised in Luxury sector and how SME need to position as a brand. 

business & marketing plan in luxury sector

Please contact us for more information about a customized plan. We are specialised in SME and in the luxury sector. If you have any other question about general management, reorganisation, crisis management or M&A, we could help you with inhouse services, provided by Greathouse Advisory BV

SME webdesign & maintenance

For small businesses to have a basic visibility on internet. Website with 5 pages (segments) pages, one language, pictures & one video. 

Price:  € 695 (excl.VAT)

basic website maintenance

For small businesses to have a basic  website maintenance. 

Price: € 145/year (excl.VAT)

e-commerce website & maintenance

Please contact us  for more information about e-commerce website for SME and its maintenance.  If you have already a website, and would like to add an e-commerce, contact us, to see if we could customize your new e-commerce pages with your website.