About us

Picture of exhibition Diamond Divas organised by Gemconsult for the Antwerp Diamond sector - event and marketing in the luxury sector.

Master in Marketing, PR & Event management.


GEMCONSULT helps to optimize marketing, PR and event management in the luxury sector.

  • The company Gemconsult started 20 years ago, with a focus on event management in the diamond sector. It developed rapidly services in marketing, event and business advices to a broader luxury segment. But why the luxury segment? Luxury needs inherent and specialised skills to communicate in the right way. PR & Communication, Marketing and Event management are undoubtedly linked with this specialised approach. To receive more information about our services please contact us
  • Gemconsult realised projects on international basis in Marketing, PR  and Event management to help companies and governments to accelerate growth on short and long term. We have organised exhibitions and events in Asia and Europe. Gemconsult have realised projects in Africa and USA.
  • As a result that its speciality is focussed on the luxury sector, we have worked with start-ups, well established companies or governments have chosen Gemconsult for its services.
  • The company has – above all – a broad network in the international world of culture and luxury, because they work on regular basis with museums and art centres.
  • Gemconsult acts also as independent middleman between cultural organisations and companies.
  • We have also build networking platforms as World Luxury Jewellers (www.worldluxuryjewellers.net)
  • Finally, Gemconsult is part of Powerhouse Services bvba



Our client choose for GEMCONSULT because:


  • We have the passion for our job and luxury identity.
  • Most importantly we always have the ambition to do better than the clients’ expectations, because we focus on a long term business relationship.
  • Gemconsult charge by hour, project or day. Transparency is important to build a long term relationship with our clients.
  • We customise every project to the need and budget of the company in the luxury sector.
  • A long term business relationship is the best publicity to our marketing, event and PR services.
  • We are sparring partners to thing better with a mind of growth in the luxury sector.